Line and Wash Winter


  1. A work must be “completed” daily. They don’t have to be super fancy polished pieces and can be washed sketches. The point is to practice.
  2. They do not need to be in one sketch book. This is about experimentation so they can be on a variety of papers and don’t have to be kept together in one book. It’s hard to find a 90 page watercolor sketchbook anyway.
  3. Tweet and / or share on Instagram the daily piece with the hashtag #LineAndWashWinter or #LaWW and the date and day.
  4. Follow the prompt list. This is not mandatory, but I will be following it best I can. The point is structure and to train creative thinking.
  5. Digital work is fine as long as it approximates line and wash or water color.
Line and Wash Prompt List 2019

Complete the challenge and order a shirt to show your support and pride in a difficult accomplishment.