Long absences in which to explore one’s self

I haven’t written anything in some time. Partially because I have had so much to say that I couldn’t find a starting point and partly because I have had nothing to say that was really worth saying. The general outcry for justice and complaint about government and religious leaders bastardizing and misrepresenting my beliefs for…

Flag Talk

America has flown a number of flags in its history and none as contensionus as the confederates states national flag…. but what did it really look like?

Creativity in a time of Covid

The dumpsterfire that is 2020 is hindering creativity in some… I am one of those. How will I break free before Inktober?

There is just so much…

If you are a Democrat or a Republican understand that it doesn’t matter. Not only do those two groups not define you as a person, they are not defined by you.

His plan all along…

Trump predicted Obama would start a war to get reelected. Now Trump is, himself, doing that very thing.

Why do they believe it?

Flat Earthers – people who believe, contrary to all the evidence that currently exists, that the earth is flat. “But there are pictures” you might say. They’ll tell you they’re fakes, doctored photos, photoshopped images because… well, they are. The Blue Marble, for instance, is one of the most famous images of our earth and…

Stop fighting, there is no war.

I am a firm believer in seeing all sides of an issue. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been on the wrong side of self righteousness and misplaced indignation a time or two…. or ten. When I’m wrong, however, I own it and that’s fine. Embarrassment is a small price to pay to be right or…

Borat at the ADL?

Sacha Baron Cohen spoke at the Anti Defimation League‘s Never Is Now conference about social media and it’s influence on society. He made some fantastic points…. Yes, the comedian who thought Ali G and Borat were good ideas had some fantastic points. If you’re not interested in the video, here’s the upshot; FB, Google, Twitter,…

Thoughts on the film ‘Joker’

There are some spoilers for the film “Joker” in this post. If you have not seen it, there aren’t many spoilers, but you might want to skip this post.

A Hopeful Downer

Thinking about the death of human civilization and the natural reclamation of the planet is oddly comforting.