Authorizations…. hard to get ’em

I saw a Tik Tok of some areal footage of the downtown area of Shreveport, Louisiana. Living in the city, I know what kind of airspace we’re in and I know that with all the overlap, it could mean some serious hoops to jump through so for my training flights, I’ve been flying either out of the city and in other states or I have been flying in single airspace areas where I can easily get LAANC authorization to fly automatically. The one time I tried to get authorization to fly downtown for one of my wife’s races, it was too short notice for the authorization and I didn’t select part 107, but recreational and it got denied.

I messaged the guy from Tick Tock and asked how hard it was to get authorization and he never replied. Now, this could mean he’s busy and just didn’t feel like it was important enough to respond. It’s also possible he didn’t have authorization which is why I’m not linking to his video. Pity it was good footage. At any rate, I decided to start the hoop jumps to try to get authorization to fly. Interestingly, the fellow who’s helping with authorization, Keith,  sent me this screen shot. Note that SHV (Shreveport Regional Airport), shows control over three sections.  When I look at a facility map or at Air Control, the maps show Barksdale Airforce base as controlling the airspace over the downtown area which is why I had to go through the FAA to begin with. If it was just an overlap between DTN and SHV, I could have requested it through the LAANC system and Air Control.

When I look at the map in Air Control, I see this –


Note that the big red circle is BAD or Barksdale AFB. The Light blue is DTN and the purple is SHV. If Air Control were accurate, I would have been able to submit two LAANC authorizations and been done with it. I have requested authorization for the norther part of the downtown area controlled by DTN through Air Control. I’ll know in a day or two if I got it. Otherwise, I’m stuck waiting until “After the first of the hear” to gat approval through the FAA coordinator.

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