Chapter 4 – A New Company or Many Ways to Stab A Cat

The party made their way to the city of Tilandsia Seat, a bustling metropolis to rival any of the freehold cities on Dalshmier. They passed through the 14 foot tall gatehouse and found themselves in the township of South Gate, one of many townships inside the city walls. In an inn called the Mamoth Spider they met a gnome cleric of Gond named Xocryn Wagglepatch who invited Gorre, and by extension the entire party, to morning services at the temple. They also heard tell of a band of street toughs in which there was a Bugbear called Ghan who hangs out at a tavern called the Gauntlet and Bridle which peaked Cricket’s interest… but it was getting late and the company decided to rest for the evening and follow up on this information later.

Once they’d procured longings and taken rest for the night, the troupe fulfilled their promise to their vanished Elven brother-in-arms and they delivered the mushrooms to the mage school and there they met with the Dean of Chemistry and Alchemy, Ancelums Goldshere. Once they had finished their business with the mages, they headed back out into the city to do some shopping and get outfitted for whatever may come next. They visited a couple of shops and had the opportunity to spend some of the gold they had accumulated in the dungeon where they had met.

They visited a magic shop called Mystic Mystic where they loaded up on some potions and items that would make their future journey into the unknown a bit less hazardous or more comfortable. The proprietors of the shop were a pair of sisters, Mary and Rossalyn. They were very helpful and had a few bargains for the group.

Next door was a general supply shop called the road ahead. The Dwarven owner, Sovard Bloodaxe, was gracious and kind and offered quite a few items to resupply the troupe. He also offered some advice about Company registration which would be the groups next endeavor. In order to legally operate in the kingdom as an adventuring company, they would need to register. A company can raid a tomb… a miscellaneous group of adventurers who are not registered… just grave robbers.

After collecting some interesting items including a coat of patches and a sun sword among st other things, the party went to the nearby town hall of the township of West Gate and registered as the company of Cog and Feather for 10 platinum. They chose arms, Per bend sinister, Argent and Sable, In chief, a feather sable and in base, a cog argent. After receiving their paperwork, they made their way back to their inn.

Tired from a day of walking and cart rides through the city, the group looked forward to a rest and and food. They arrived at their inn to find the owner of Mammoth Spider Inn, an over weight ginger tabaxi called Merco slumped over his table in the back corner with a dagger protruding from his back and surrounded by Red Cloaked guards. After answering some querstions, the party decided it had to have been the street toughs mentioned earlier and decided to go to the tavern and seek Ghan.

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