Chapter 3 – Part 2 – The Mystery in Shaker Keep – The town has a secret

Not much happened in the last game and frankly, I forgot to update the notes for everyone. Pressed for time, I’ll give an “in a nut shell” explainer for what all happened…

There is a secret in Shaker Keep. The townsfolk have not been forth coming with information, though they want to know what has happened to their missing townsfolk. Unwilling or unable to share what they know, the fear they feel for their missing loved ones has not loosened their tongues. The mayor, Clotine Caen, who’s sister is among the missing, is belligerent and out right aggressive. The local sheriff, and older man named Tandu, is becoming increasingly hostile to the party and their investigations though his deputy, a young halfling woman named Peri Brisslefoot, seems to want to help but won’t. The only friendly, and somewhat helpful, villager is one who traveled here with the group, Abigale Brightstar. The elderly purveyor of oddities at the Brew and Button has offered a hand full of clues, but she too is unwilling to divulge the town’s full secret, whatever it may be.

So far, their only clues have been the first to go missing and his strange illness when no one in the town ever gets ill, the disappearances after his were not linked to an illness, and now as the caravan is ready to leave… several members of the caravan have vanished as well, trapping them all there. In addition, thanks to a spell cast to detect magic, they’ve found that everyone in the town seems to be under some enchantment.

We ended our session in the woodlands outside of town, trying to locate the lost or taken caravanners and to find more clues to what may have occurred. The smell of damp earth and pine mixed with a pungent rot on the breeze greet the party as they come upon an old pieced together shack in the woods.

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