World Common Knowledge 8 – The Feywild


Forest Door Web – Gwen Bassett

The Feywild, Brigadoon, Avalon, Fairy, many names for the same place. It’s an extradimensional realm of magic, wilderness, and wonder. Fey creatures roam the wilderness or build vast tree spanning cities that put Elven architecture of the prime material plane to shame. Some races you know were forged in the Fey wild and still others were changed forever by it. What people commonly know is shockingly close to the truth.

The entrances to the feywild move and shift through the world. A mist might settle in a valley engulfing an entire town shifting it to the other side for a day while the inhabitants might not know anything happened or they might age a hundred years or a hundred years will pass in the world but seem like moments for the towns folk. Stories like this are common to small towns and villages across Dalshmier and so folklore becomes common knowledge. Other entrances are stable, like fairy mounds; massive hills with stone structures on top or surrounding them that open into the Feywild. There are standing stones that use the Feywild as transit points. Spells can be used to rip a hole into fairy but they soon close.

The Feywild is said to have kingdoms just like the prime material plane. Fairy kings or Elven great lords hail from these places. Goblins are also said to hail from the darker parts of the Feywild though there is little evidence of this. There are goblins there and orcs too, but no evidence that they’re “from” there. Even goblin lords who rule parts of the Feywild are not strictly speaking… natives. In extremely rural communities of mostly humans, anything not human is thought to have come from fairy… dwarves, gnomes, elves, bugbears… you name it. This is, of course, incorrect.

Fairy Forest – Zudarts Lee

The truth is, the Feywild is not that dissimilar to the “real” world. It’s nature personified and expanded. There are great forests that seem to stretch forever. There are deserts that seem too hot to be real pocked with oasis and cut through with jagged peaks. There are wastelands filled with chasms and scrub brush. The differences lay in scale. Every land in the Feywild seems impossibly vast. A waste could go on forever or forests seem to have no end. Where these lands meet, the change is not gradual but definite. For instance, a forest that one moment seemed mindbogglingly vast all at once stops and gives way to an equally vast plain. A scorching desert may abruptly turn into a grassy frost covered tundra from one step to the next.

Races from fairy are similar to their prime material cousins. Elves in the Feywild are the Eladrin and far more alien than their prime material counterparts. Others, like the fawn, transit back and forth so often that they don’t seem to be any different. Furbolg were once residents of the prime material plane, but left for the Feywild centuries ago and have just started to come back, forever changed by the magics of fairy. It is common knowledge, or at least an assumption, that anything otherworldly, strange, and beautiful seem to come from the Feywild .

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