World Common Knowledge 2 – Elves (with a V)

Elrond - Lord Of The RingsElves are one of the oldest races on Dalshmier. They and the dwarves are some of the only truly native inhabitants of this world with all others arriving after one of the prehistoric sundering events. None of this is commonly known. What is known, however, is that elves exist. Otherwise, the level of awareness of elves differs depending on where you are from.

Big cities dwellers would “know” immediately that elves are an elegant and aloof race. Sure, you may see an elf in a tavern, but not in a dive by the wharf usually. You will see elves in positions of authority or in magical circles. You might know an elven entertainer or a merchant or two who are elves or have some of the elder blood in their veins in some quantity.

Those from smaller towns might know an elf or two or they might know of an elven ranger who stops in from the wilds from time to time. They might view elves as mysterious or otherworldly. In some communities close to elven lands, elven visits are more frequent and most people just view them as part of the community.

Leanna Crossman Elf Concept art

In extreme rural communities or farm villages in the wilds where the folk are wary of strangers, stories are told of fairies and elves almost as though they are make believe. You would rarely find an elf in these tiny settlements and unless a resident was from elsewhere, those born and bread in these secluded hamlets would not have much knowledge of elves.

There are exceptions, however. All of the small towns near Sat’ware for instance, are fully aware of the elves in the woods. Some blended families exist and one of the towns has an Elven mayor. There are a few communities to the north near the Nordwald that are elf, human, and halfling villages. There are even a few villages of elves that are independent and owe no fealty to any elven kingdom choosing to live simply and wanting seclusion and peace. Across the shallow sea in Ustrid and Lowen where there are no elven woods, elves are even more rare.

Elves, for their part, often play into whatever stereotypes are presented. If they see that people believe them to be aloof, they may play up that aspect of their personality. If they see that people are holding them in higher regard simply because they are elves, they may be tempted to use that to their advantage. Conversely, elven rangers and druids tend to keep to themselves in city and town situations and some even unconsciously hide their heritage as to blend in because they are so used to blending in out in the wild. Whatever situation and elf finds themselves in, their personal code is paramount to them whether that’s keeping loyal to one’s self, to one’s kingdom, or to one’s chosen family.

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