Introductions are sometimes difficult. People have personality conflicts or maybe have differing ideology. Strangers coming together can also be interesting and can tell a story. This is our goal. These are our characters.

EbbieOne of the mountains in the Shatterback range is called Zeithen Peak. Inside the mountain there lives a clan of dwarves, beholden to no one and living an isolated and somewhat austere life.  Ebergardis Von Zeithen, or Ebbie to her friends… few though they may be… was born and raised here, destined for a life of feminine servitude to the male chauvinistic society. She was having none of it. Having struck out on her own, she made her way to Farfallen, a city full of wonderous people and creatures she had not even dreamed of existing and then up the river to Oakminer Foundry where she found her clan was a-typical of dwarven society. Women… equals? Her acquaintances with Cervitaurs near her home lead her to Sat’ware and adventure beyond.

MalekIn the city of Sindora Anchorage, a port city built in tiers up the side of a cliff face that sprawls across the land, seemingly endless, there exists a pleasure house in Top Tier off the high street near North Gate called the Wayward Maiden. Children of the workers there grow up in a communal parenting sort of situation that produces surprisingly well rounded children. One of these is the halfling Malek Maidenborne, a bard / lothario who, upon learning there is more to this world than the walls of the brothel, struck out for fame and adventure, leaving his many mothers and fathers and scores of siblings behind with the goal of never being forgotten and delving deeper into the every pleasure this world has to offer collecting songs, stories, and secrets along the way.

GorreThe northeast side of the Orc Maw mountains is no place to have a child. It is cold, unforgiving territory and home to all manner of wild beast and dangerous wandering monster. Among them, the wild tribal Orcs who take encroachment into their territory very seriously. A raid on a village produced an offspring and that offspring was discarded by the community, set adrift down the river letting the fates decide. Fate, it would seem, had plans for the child who would be found and raised by Gnomes. Gorre would go on to become a cleric of the inventor god Sala and strike out to wander the world and discover new invention as clerics of his god tend to do. Fate continues to watch his journey with intense interest.

RolimRolim Raloydark was born into a family with a deep military tradition and followed suit. Before completing his training, he was offered the opportunity to serve in an honor guard contingent to Tillandsia after the death of the Queen which deeply impacted his mother. She mourned the loss of her friend for a long time and seeing the depths of her sorrow awoke something in Rolim. He had lived a regimented and sheltered life up to this point, never experiencing a world outside Sat’ware forest beyond his military training and his experiences on this last training mission made him curious about the world. When he was given his commission, he joined the Ranger Corps and struck out on his own to seek worldly experience and expand his knowledge of the world.

IlliThe few drow who leave the underdark are curiosities in the world. Gone are the days of fear and loathing at the site of one, but most are not fully trusted. Too many drow fall victim to the cult of Lolth and most are very hard people. Illiamryne Teken’rae, or Illi, is no exception. Her childhood in the freehold city of Farfallen was spent bouncing from foster family to foster family and never really fitting in. She resented the expectations placed on her by her families and by society at large and she rebelled every chance she got. She found that sneaking into forbidden places and “finding” things others had “lost” was great sport and she found solace in seclusion. Her fondness for thievery drew the attention of a Thief-lord boss who quickly took her under his wing and there she has flourished, pulling several large jobs and scores of small ones earning her respect but never finding anyone she could truly rely on.

Five people from five different cities, from five different worlds of experience. Vastly different childhoods, differing values, different life goals in mind and yet, there is a thread that binds them. A primal force that tugs at them though they may not feel it now. Their lives will soon become intertwined in an unimaginable way.


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