In The Beginning…. again.

In the beginning, there was nothing…. but is there ever truly nothing? I mean, even nothing is something… it’s a state. After nothing, there was more something than nothing ever had been and there came spheres and then worlds and for a time, it was good. The first great sundering happened and worlds collided and were torn apart. Spheres collapsed in upon themselves and others were created from the infinite. And it happened again. And then again.

There are few beings in existence that know what the sundering did, or was, or that there have been many but in this age, there are worlds that are the product of many a collapse and reformation. On such world is called Dalshmier. The population ranges from Human, Dwarf, and Halfling to Orcs, and Giants, and monsters. The monsters keep the thinking races from growing too populous or they manage to wipe themselves out first. There have been many a civilization rise and fall and the new are rebuilt on the remnants of the old or they were simply reclaimed by the wild spirit of the world herself. It is said that a farmer in a rural field may uncover the foundations of a keep that once stood on that very ground. It is said that if one digs deep enough, one might discover tombs, forgotten mines, whole lost civilizations. But who has time for that. there are Orcs to fear. There are crops to sew. There is no time for adventure when building your life and existing day to day through harsh winters or raging storms or the too occasional bugbear raid.

Some, however, heed the call to adventure. Some seek out the dark places, the deep places, the forgotten places full of treasure and forbidden lore. Some are called to a life of travel and mission. Some areĀ  simply cast out into the world to fend for themselves and adventure seems a likely path… far more likely than the plow or a merchant caravan. Others simply become entangled in a story that is far bigger than themselves and get swept along by the currents of change.

Whatever the case, we hope you will enjoy the journey with us as we explore the Dalshmier continent of Oshica, climb the peaks of the Shatterback mountain range, delve it’s deep caverns and lost dungeons of the thieves road, and traverse it’s open plains and wild Elven forests in search of our story. Welcome to the chronical of our game… A Blade of Wood.

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