Everyone’s doing the Covid19

Covid-19 is just the latest shit-show that 2020 is throwing at the human race. I guess the human population could ignore the fires in Australia if you weren’t Australian or the locusts in East Africa if you weren’t a farmer in East Africa or floods and mudslides in Brazil if you don’t live in Brazil, or Turkish earthquakes if you don’t live in Turkey. Well, guess what…. Here’s a world wide pandemic for you.

It started in China in the Wuhan province but, contrary to internet propaganda and misinformation, it did not start in a lab, chemical weapons manufacturer, or other nefarious local. I started in a market, quietly and spread quickly through the population. Westerners in our hubris didn’t think it was something we needed to worry about. Sure, it might be another SARS, but that didn’t kill many of us. Might be a simple bird-flu and that’s fine… we’re in developed countries and have nothing to worry about. We were wrong.

I live in north west Louisiana. Here, as of today, the virus has killed 15 people in my home state and there are already shortages of basic essential items because people are scared panicky animals. there are 16 active cases with many more presumptive cases. The number will rise. Life, as we know it, is changing and probably for ever. But what does this really mean?

Maybe we’ll be more clean and fastidious about our personal hygiene. Maybe we’ll be more considerate of our elderly. Maybe we’ll eat each other alive and totally discard anything resembling basic humanity. I don’t know. I can say that I’m becoming more mindful of my neighbors. I’m not withdrawing, though I am practicing social distancing as suggested by our government.

If you don’t have it. Stay home as much as you can to avoid contact with those who do. If you don’t iknow if you have it… Stay home to avoid contact with those you don’t want to infect. If you DO have it, stay home and avoid contact with those you don’t want to infect. It’s time to grow the hell up and stop being selfish. It’s time to become stronger and more self secure. I keep hearing people say “Here’s a good way to stay sane…” or “I have to do this to maintain my sanity.” This is ridiculously melodramatic and unproductive. If you’re an adult, you shouldn’t have to be distracted to stay sane.

Finally, I want to say that no matter what happens to us as a species, this won’t be what kills us. We’re far more likely to kill ourselves given our technological level or to be wiped out by an astronomical event like a nova or an asteroid than a pesky virus. There will be those who are naturally immune as there are with so many other viruses and there have already been people to recover with no or minor symptoms. Humanity will survive, you just might be a little uncomfortable.

Follow the pandemic here – Covid – 19 Outbreak Map

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