The Art of Double Entendre – Fudge in Uranus

There is a small town in Missouri on Route 66 called Uranus. This, in and of its self, is not amusing but if you factor in townsfolk who embrace the “your anus” jokes, you get the Uranus Fudge Factory. Inside you’ll find some of the tastiest fudge we’ve tried like their classic fudge or strawberry cheese cake. There are dozens of flavors. They also have a wide variety of other candies like salt water taffy in various flavors by the pound, booze in the back or… as they like to say “Liquor in the rear”, and items of clothing that will educe bouts of childish giggling. I got myself a shirt that says “The best fudge comes from Uranus” and my wife requested one that says “Property of Uranus University” with the slogan “Since your head is already in Uranus, you might as well learn something.” My dad opted for a shirt that simply read “Uranus Missouri, Rt. 66” so it’s fit to wear in public. I almost got him the “Uranus Boxing Club” shit that warns you shouldn’t “…get punched in Uranus”. I have the mentality of a 12 year old boy so the blunt force humor of this place was a real treat.

In addition to the fudge and souvenirs, they also had some attractions. I tend to collect “Worlds biggest” things. I’ve seen the worlds larges ball of twine, the larges frying pan, the largest office chair, etc. In Uranus, I found the worlds largest belt buckle. There was a robotic band, some classic vehicles, and a tattoo parlor all in the same complex.

If you get the chance to visit Uranus or, like me, find yourself in Springfield and don’t mind an hour drive. Take the detour. It’s a fantastic thing to be able to explore Uranus.

Finally, I met this sweet fella…. or lady. I didn’t check. At any rate, super nice cat who keeps mice out of Uranus.


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