His plan all along…

I have not had the opportunity to write down thoughts recently. Watercolor has taken up most of my free time since I started Line and Wash Winter and moreover, it has taken up most of my thought processing power as well. That being said, I do have a quick something to say.

My wife pointed me to a video from the POTUS posted to his YouTube channel before he was president. It declares that then president Obama would not be able to handle the presidency or foreign policy and in doing so, would start a war in order to avoid being rousted out of office. This, of course, didn’t happen…. until trump himself is being ousted and he’s enacting the very plan he accused Obama to have been planning.

Credit: https://english.newstracklive.com/ Baghdad International Airport Bombed with no official declaration of war.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about… click any of the links below to see the video of his rant predicting his own actions from 2011. How is this allowed to continue?

Happy 2020 everyone.






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