Borat at the ADL?

Sacha Baron Cohen spoke at the Anti Defimation League‘s Never Is Now conference about social media and it’s influence on society. He made some fantastic points…. Yes, the comedian who thought Ali G and Borat were good ideas had some fantastic points. If you’re not interested in the video, here’s the upshot; FB, Google, Twitter,…

Thoughts on the film ‘Joker’

There are some spoilers for the film “Joker” in this post. If you have not seen it, there aren’t many spoilers, but you might want to skip this post.

Poe the Small but Mighty

I don’t subscribe to the notion that when a pet dies, you should get another pet immediately. When Prem died and the wife said she wanted to get a kitten, I cringed. I know she’d wanted a kitten for some time and I knew Prem was getting older, but I had decided not to replace…

A Hopeful Downer

Thinking about the death of human civilization and the natural reclamation of the planet is oddly comforting.

October come and gone.

I am a procrastinator. I’m horribly lazy and it takes a whole lot to get me focused on one particular thing. Inktober is something that gets me focused each year. During the month of Spooky-Christmas, aka Halloween, aka October each year is the challenge of Inktober. If you don’t know, Inktober was a challenge set…