Tales from Tumblr

Since I haven’t had a blog in a while, I kind of turned my Tumblr, what was supposed to be quick posts and short articles into longer posts tat should have been on a blog space. I’ve decided to link the most recent of them here for your consideration.

Rules for the upcoming gender identity revolution from a non-participant  – In this post, I rant about the confusion that is seemingly infecting today’s youth. I know, I know… makes me sound like an old fogey. I was seeing a ton of videos where young people, teen girls primarily, were angry about being called “woman” or “girl” and all of them want to be “gender neutral”. This post is all about that and my opinion of it.

Which Witch – I took a quiz online and it got me thinking. This is a post all about the history of the word “witch”; Kind of a Halloween special. If you like etymology and have ever wondered the difference between the a warlock and a witch… this article is for you.

Gun control – I am a gun owner and I have heard so much recently about gun control, I decided to pay attention to politics. They’re not really saying much about gun law reform or gun control. I decided to weigh in with my idea of a weigh to fix some of the issues facing gun owners and advocates.

Cockroaches and Masks – After actually starting to pay attention to the political situation, I found, like most Americans have this election, that there are NO GOOD OPTIONS. I’ve always said it, but now I’m unhappy about it. The differences between the candidates are neglegable. Our friend Jacob put it this way last night on Facebook – “Who you wanna be president: lady Richard Nixon or Joffrey Baratheon?” which was perfect. It’s not about their policies, but their image. This article is my take on that.

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