Normalizing media is worse than propaganda

We, as a society, normalize things to an unacceptable point and we demonize the wrong things. For instance, a human being’s natural state is nude, yet we find nudity to be disturbing at the least and abhorrent and down right illegal at worst. Sure, context matters and I personally wouldn’t be wondering around naked, but you get my point. Television shows like Cops highlight and glorify what is wrong with our society. These shows should be cautionary tales, not giggle inducing. Survivor, which I am guilty of watching in past seasons, is all about how the most horrible person gets rewarded for back stabbing their fellow contestants and team mates. That kind of behavior should be punished, not rewarded.

This brings me to the current offering, Rosanne. First and foremost, Rosanne Barr is no saint and I know that. She’s a loud mouthed garbage person who supports another loudmouth garbage person and, while the original run of her television show was entertaining (and I’m sure the new one will be too) it didn’t have a political message. Not everything has to have a message. The original show was just a family, middle class, trying to make ends meet. It’s something I can relate to. The new iteration is going to be used, not as a booming mouth piece, but as a normalizing catalyst for the current administration and our horrible homunculus of a president.

Looking back at the wonderful things Rosanne has said about Hillary (and the terrible things) I think she tends to use political situations to stay in the spot light. Maybe she doesn’t support Trump and this is all an act. She said on Jimmy Kimmel that, “no one wants their president to fail.” and that is or at least it should be true. The day after the election, comforting a wife and friends who were devastated and emotional I said, “Just give him a chance.” I quoted a vlog I was enjoying at the time, “He may be a sack of shit, but at the bottom of that sack there might be something good. We don’t know yet.” and he’s proven that at the bottom of that sack, there is nothing but more shit.

So what’s my point? My point is, shows like this that have an agenda to normalize a man who Is a confirmed racist, sexist, misogynist, and an accused molester and rapist should not be allowed to exist. They serve to do nothing but speed and already rapidly declining society. It’s not about one show. It’s not about Rosanne, it’s about a man in power who craps on the ideals America was founded on, wipes his ass with the constitution and pisses on the people of America and how that’s becoming alright.

Welcome to my mead hall ye warriors!

I am plagued by passing fancies. I have always flitted from interest to interest and never really had what I would consider a hobby. I used to play roleplaying games but that takes more than me. I used to be in the SCA and learned a lot about medieval culture, sewing, archery, etc. but grew away from it. I don’t look at my artistic pursuits as much more than a way to kill time these days and I write so slowly, I don’t think any one of the three novels…. novellas…. short stories… whatever they are…. could be considered a hobby. I’ve tried a lot of different diversions and I throw a good deal of attention into them, learning about things associated with said diversion and even going so far as to achieve some low level of mastery of whatever it is I’m trying to do. I never perfect anything and I usually move on to another interest pretty quickly.

I think the thread that connects them all is in the learning and researching of the thing I’m doing. The problem is, when I’ve researched something to the point I feel like I can do it, I try it and then I loose interest either because it’s not really as interesting to do the activity or it’s isolating in some way and while I’m an introverted homebody who enjoys every second I can get alone…. If I’m enjoying something I want to share it.

This leads me to another hobby I’m developing and one that’s even more odd given the subject of the activity since I’m not a drinker. I’m brewing mead! Years ago my friend Evan and I tried our hand at making wine but it never really went anywhere and I didn’t try again. A long while later I was reminiscing about those days and thought about giving it another try but never got around to it. Well, life being cyclical, here we go again. My first batch is bubbling away filling my office at home with the sweet aroma of yeasted honey. It’s a little like fresh baked bread and sweet honey butter.

I don’t know how it will turn out, but the research has been a lot of fun. I’ve gathered recipes, learned the differences between a show mead, a melopmel, and a methaglen. I have watched some very entertaining videos on the subject and it’s all fascinating. One problem… there won’t be anyone to drink it. I figured out the sugar content for a 12 oz glass and the wife is not interested in such a “sweet” drink. The wines she enjoys are way dryer and lower in carbohydrate and even the beers she will have once in a blue moon are HALF the carbs.

I still plan to feed this brew to our friends if it turns out, but I don’t know how long I can sustain the interest. It will be fun to do while I’m doing it. Suggestions for the next hobby?

If you know what this is, you can try some when it’s done.

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Inktober Day 13 – Teeming

Friday the thirteenth in an October? Awesome! So far, nothing unlucky has happened so that’s a good thing. I even finished my day 13 Inktober project early this morning so I have some time this afternoon to share it. The prompt today is “Teeming” and the first thing that pops into my head is again, not what I do. I was thinking Jelly fish but they came out of my pen as squid. I think it turned out fine, but the chicken and seahorse are still my favorite.

The Woff has fixed some issues with her Blog and she’s still churning out cool small watercolors so you should go to her site and check them out. Here’s her post yesterday.

Inktober Continues – two more days

I am continuing with my Inktober “journey”…. “adventure”… what have you. I am still terrible at daily posts, but I am getting the inks done daily so that’s something.

Day 11’s prompt was “Run” and I had a few things pop into the old noggin but settled on this charming thief. Initally, I had him chased by a cloud with arms protruding from it, each holding a billy club. As cartoony as this is, it didn’t need any help being MORE cartoony.  Especially with that Mustache.

I went the other way today on day 12. I kept thinking about a character breaking apart and when I looked through the other Inktober entries today, it seemed like a lot of people had the same idea. I thought about the prompt, Shattered, and then synonyms like broken. What things get broken? I went though a list and settled on pocket watches which have glass to shatter. I found one in Google images and viola.

The woff is still creating too. She is more about color than I’ve been recently and her most recent work is VERY colorful. You should take a look.

Inktober Days 6 and 7 together in one post

O.k…. I didn’t blog about it, but I did post it on twitter. Day 6 was a little ridiculous and simple. I had a hard time trying to come up with something for “sword” that wouldn’t be done a thousand times. While discussing it with Lindsay, it just kind of came to me…. a robot with a monitor head riding a mechanical ostrich. Why not?

Day 7…. today…. is “Shy”. I don’t think I would have gotten off my butt to do it if the wife hadn’t prompted me. I couldn’t come up with anything and she said look at what others were doing. I didn’t see anything that really inspired me. Then I saw a turtle for day 4 someone had done and it jumped into my head. A shy turtle. I’m glad Lindsay made me do it. It would suck to fail at this in the first week.

Lindsay is still clipping along and made a beautiful water color. You should totally check it out!

Inktober day 3 – Poison

O.k. everyone, I am continuing the Inktober adventure with prompt 3 – Poison. I had a few ideas, but this is what popped out and I’m sort of happy with it. Something is amiss with the length of the dropper but it’s better than the two headed day two effort. Onward and upward.

Lindsay is still working out her Artober thing and she wasn’t happy with her recent day 3. I liked it but I really like what she’s currently working on. Instead of daily, she’s going to work on a piece daily and if it takes a few to finish, it’s alright.

Inktober is here.

October is here and I’m participating this year in an annual event called “Inktober”. Started as a personal exercise to learn to use a new art implement he’d gotten, Inktober began with Jake Parker, an artist and You tube personality. In most cases, it’s all about ink. Using a brush, brush pen, dip pen, or micron style felt tip is pretty common and you post your image to twitter with the hashtags #Inktober and #Inktober2017. My wife is doing her version of Inktober… Artober…. and will be doing one piece of art per day and not taking the medium into account. I think it will be good for both of us.

My first effort for today’s prompt – Swift

A lot has happened

It has been some time since I posted.

 You may remember a couple of months ago when the sun went dark in parts of North America. Well, I got to see it from Tacoma Washington (stuck there for 6 weeks) where we got 90% or so coverage. If you look to the left of the sun in this picture, you can see the eclipse a little more than half way completed in the bokhe.  It’s a little crescent shape. I kind of wish I had had my god camera with me to tone down the ISO and maybe get a better shot. They say the best camera is the one you have with you. Meh.

On top of that, My dad (photo not available) Was in the hospital the whole time I was gone and a little before. Thanks to doctors, bed rest, modern medicine, and probably a miracle or two, he’s home now. He grew a beard while he was in there and I would post a picture of it, but his Facebook has been deleted so I can’t steal…. um… borrow a picture.

Lindsay has almost finished her Masters of Library Science and we’ve decided to stick around Shreveport for the foreseeable future. That’s not to say if an opportunity elsewhere presented itself, we wouldn’t jump on it but the new feeling of permanence allows us to add another member to the pet portion of the family. Pictured are the wife and Lucy who is Penny’s legit sister. She came from a litter created by Cooper and Bella, Penny’s parents. Sadly, Cooper has passed and we knew this was our last shot to get one of his kids and a genetic sister for Penny.

Finally, I’ve started using Ello a little more. The wife has just started dabbling in watercolor and acrylic painting (and she’s amazing already… just look) and it got me thinking about my complete lack of creative efforts over the last year. Enter Ello. Ello was trying to be a simplified FB when it started but it’s been retooled to a mature version of Deviant Art which I left some time ago. I will probably be uploading some photos that I’m still taking from time to time (see the spider husk) and if I decide to paint some or do any more illustration or even if I take part in Inktober this time, I might post some stuff there. Looking through other artists’ works is inspiring.

I am also hoping to do more regular updates to this blog and maybe film some more. I can almost guarantee there will be puppy videos ahead but I also intend to do some more tutorials and I plan a little bit of a fruit tree project so watch for that.

More ahead.

Chickens and Shrooms

Chickens are bad ass. They taste delicious, but that’s not the only reason. I recently watched a Top Tenz video on You Tube (Simon Whistler, do you ever sleep?) and the topic was the noble chicken. Among the factoids were some things I found interesting… terrifying…. interifying.

First off, chickens are vicious. I mean, I knew that already having done some research into chicken farming. I know, “Why?” right?. Anyway, chickens were originally bread for their viciousness, not their taste. That came later. There are stories about ancient man using chickens as combatant examples. A Spartan general even pumped up his men with a cock fight showing how a chicken fights to win. I don’t condone making one animal fight another animal for sport. They just tend to attack anything covered in blood. I’m not kidding.

Next up, A chicken can change lay an egg inside another egg. It’s called an xzibit and it’s a larger egg containing a fully formed egg inside. There can be another inside of that one. Eggception. It is a much larger egg so I can only feel sorry for the chicken who lays it.

Finally, the devil is afraid of a rooster’s crow. Yep, the chicken can scare off evil with a shriek according to history. Not mentioned in the video, they can also ward off Basilisks and turn them to stone. I wonder why they left that out… it’s a pretty awesome chicken fact.

This was a great video and it gives me a little more respect for Chickens as an animal. I’m still going to eat these little bad asses, but respect. Also, I’m going to hypnotize one the next time I see one.

Finally, on a non-chicken-related note, my wife and I went to a mushroom talk and nature walk at Walter B Jacobs nature park yesterday and I took some video. Enjoy.