Inktober Days 6 and 7 together in one post

O.k…. I didn’t blog about it, but I did post it on twitter. Day 6 was a little ridiculous and simple. I had a hard time trying to come up with something for “sword” that wouldn’t be done a thousand times. While discussing it with Lindsay, it just kind of came to me…. a robot with a monitor head riding a mechanical ostrich. Why not?

Day 7…. today…. is “Shy”. I don’t think I would have gotten off my butt to do it if the wife hadn’t prompted me. I couldn’t come up with anything and she said look at what others were doing. I didn’t see anything that really inspired me. Then I saw a turtle for day 4 someone had done and it jumped into my head. A shy turtle. I’m glad Lindsay made me do it. It would suck to fail at this in the first week.

Lindsay is still clipping along and made a beautiful water color. You should totally check it out!

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