Inktober continues

I am horrible at posting daily on any social media. I’ve been successful on twitter this month because them’s the rules, but blogging daily has been a drag. I am continuing with Inktober, though and you can follow my twitter to see them as they come out. Here’s what I’ve gotten in the last few days –

Day 15 Mysterious – I was told he looks like a wolfman, but he’s supposed to be Sasquatch.


Day 16 Fat – Ogre or orc…. you decide.

Day 17 Graceful turned into Grateful… oops – If you can’t tell, it’s Jerry Garcia from Grateful Dead.

Day 18 Filthy – Lindsay’s comment – “That certainly is filthy.” HA!

Day 19 Cloud – I was messing around with something vaguely Asian inspired with washes of ink.

Day 20 Deep – I guess I could have done Teeming again as both take place underwater. It’s been a soggy Inktober I am just realizing.

and yesterday, day 21, was Furious. – Hulk angry and ice cream missing.


I still have no clue what I’m doing today for “trail”, but I’ll come up with something…. maybe.

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