Inktober 9 and 10 – Another “two-fer”

I’m not always good at keeping up with things. This Blog is evidence of that but so far, I have not missed a day in ten of Inktober. I’m tweeting them daily so if you want to see them on the day, check here.

I had a productive day 9 with the prompt of “Screech” Initially I thought of doing a caricature of Dustin Diamond from Saved by the bell but given his criminal record and over-all grossness these days, I changed my mind to a bat in a trench coat ala-Bogart.

Day ten I had a big plan…. Imagine a toe. Not really the prompt of “Gigantic” but if you put a little guy with one of those scrubber brushes on a pole they use to clean elephants just scrubbing away…. maybe put the little guy on a ladder, you have something. After a few prelim sketches, no…. not a toe. How about a chicken?

Lindsay has been producing as well. You should check her yesterday. I really like it.


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