Which Pocket Notebook for EDC?

Looking at my 2017 EDC (every day carry / extended daily carry) and retooling things for 2018 has been kind of frustrating. I have plenty of bags and I’m thinking of getting another… I’m kind of a bag junkie… but I want to both increase my prep level while letting go of a lot of the items I know I didn’t use last year or that can come out. I put together a list at Amazon so people can see the kind of things that I normally carry (or will be carrying) as an “off body” EDC.

One of the items I’m considering changing up is my writing platform. Moleskine is not usually far from my pocket or car but there are other options.

Field Notes – A trusted Chicago brand of notebook since 2007. They have a wide assortment of different sizes and lined / unlined / and dotted ruled note books. The price is right too are about 10 bucks for a pack of 3. There is a cult following behind the Field Notes brand and users are typically loyal to the core.



Rite in the Rain – A brand I learned about when I started Geo Caching and they’ve been around since 1916. You can literally write on these pages when they’re wet and they have the same form factor as a Field Notes but they’re a little more expensive at 7 or eight bucks each. The wife has one and I have their pen.


Field Book – I’m not super familiar with Field book by Elan.  Elan is chiefly an educational supply manufacturer with many of their products geared towards teachers. Their Field line is aimed specifically at surveyors. These pocket note books are around 10 bucks for a set of four and, like Write in the Rain, they’re water resistant. I have read, though, that sharpies tend to smear if not fully dry. They might actually be too indestructible for my purposes.


I would be interested to hear what anyone has to say about any of these three options. I plan to try each out and see what fits. They’re all about the same size and shape and I think these are the perfect dimensions for a carry around notebook. I will more than likely do a review when I have them so keep an eye out for that.

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