Political jousting with women’s issues.

I have heard a lot lately about Roe V Wade and Doe V Bolton. Most people know the bare minimum about these rulings, but they don’t grasp what the law actually says or what the rulings mean. The Roe V Wade ruling holds that a mother may abort her pregnancy for any reason, up until the “point at which the fetus becomes ‘viable.’” and viable is defined as a fetus that can live with or without support outside the mother’s womb. Viability is usually around 28 weeks or 7 months. Doe V. Bolton broadened the ruling to include abortions after that date in the event the mother’s life is in danger. Side note – Trump said Clinton wanted to have abortions performed in the 9th month…. that’s illegal. What he’s referring to is birth, not abortion.

For the record: I am not a woman so I don’t have a dog in the fight. I can only state my opinion and that is that I am against the idea and practice of abortion in general and as it is used as a form of birth control. I would whole heatedly support any woman who’s life is in danger and needs an abortion. I would have no issues with my wife’s or my sister’s life saving procedure should the need arise. In the case of a rape, I understand the emotions involved but can not weigh in on that situation. In the case of just not being able to provide economically for the child, adoption is the best option in my opinion.

Another hot topic relating to this issue is the institution known as Planned Parenthood. There is some confusion as to what Planned Parenthood is. Some conservative organizations would have the public believe that they are baby murderers and there was even a faked video going around about abortions done by Planned Parenthood. The truth is, it is a non-profit organization that provides “reproductive health services” nationally as well as globally. They provide birth control to the underprivileged and they provide classes in sex education in an attempt to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Here’s the problem: They do have clinics in which abortions are performed…. 4 million clinics saw 2.5 million patients and performing around 324,000 abortions. That’s a big number and when you add in that they receive government funding (thanks Richard Nixon) but NOT FOR ABORTIONS the water gets muddy. Many conservatives take issue with this organization for this funding even thought the abortions are paid for by the patients. It’s hard to weed out the facts from the assumptions and outright lies but the fact is, Planned Parenthood does provide many non-abortion services and for free to people who might otherwise be in danger.

For the record: I like the idea of an organization like planned parenthood. It is needed and it performs an important service in education and the sometimes necessary service of abortion. I think there should be some limits.

Rolling both of these issues into an abortion burrito, the Trump camp claims Hillary supports not only Planned Parenthood, not only abortion, but partial birth abortion. First off, Partial Birth is not a medical term but a political one. The term comes from the National right to Life committee. The procedure is actually called “dilation and extraction” or a D&X and was developed in 1995 as a less invasive form of abortion and would do less damage to the cervix than other “late term” abortions. The procedure is, non the less disturbing to hear about and I won’t go into it here. Suffice it to say, it sounds and likely is brutal. There are medical reason to do it such as certain disorders causing massive brain damage and deformity of the fetus that can only be detectable in the late stages of pregnancy after the 20th month and that make full birth or traditional abortion nonviable. The problem is, it’s used in other cases as well simply to protect the cervix and not because there are no other options. Clinton is pro choice and that includes leaving partial birth abortion on the table as a life saving measure for the mother though she’s reluctant to make a distinction between a damaged and undamaged fetus which makes her look like a flipper flopper.

For the record: Again… not a woman. If it were my wife and there was something wrong with the fetus and it would put her life in danger, so what you have to do doc. If there is a viable option OTHER than this, I would go that route. I agree, it shouldn’t be off the table, but politicians need to not be afraid to say there has to be a limit to when or how it is performed. Clinton is too afraid to say that.

I don’t think I have really resolved anything with this post. It’s just something I’ve been thinking about lately. I keep hearing people say that this person is for this, or how horrible this or that thing is and decided to look into it. Much of this I knew, but some of it I had to look up and I am now deeply disturbed. I guess the long and short is, if you don’t want a baby, don’t get pregnant? I don’t think these kinds of issues should be leveraged for political positioning. It’s like juggling with fire. If you take a position, defend it and be clear, not wishy washy about it.

Soylent is NOT people…. friendly.

Human society is built on dining tables. In our dim and distant past we ate in communal groups and tribes with everyone providing a portion for security and survival. In more recent history, the breaking of bread settled differences, brought families together, and marked celebration and tragedy alike. These days, food is, when not a celebratory or social thing, a hassle that we try to avoid when possible. We eat garbage and we’re turning into garbage people. No amount of “green juice” will fix it.

My wife sent me an article about Soylent, the technically engineered food substitute that, like the fictional Brawndo sports drink, has everything the body craves. All of the vitamins and minerals of a daily meal is packed into a couple of “shakes” that are said to taste like anything from wet cardboard to the aftertaste of Cheerios. That may sound less than appetizing, but that’s not the point. The point is to provide sustainable food product that won’t go bad to areas that can’t grow or don’t have food or to free up the time it would take to sit down to a meal for people too busy to eat.

A great invention, this Soylent, but it’s now making people sick according to the article in Gizmodo  referenced in the article my wife sent me and a massive recall of the food bar version of the product was issued by the company. The bad batches were produced in July and could be the result of “contamination” according to the Gizmodo piece.

The future of food is uncertain. With honey bees dying out at alarming rates and genetically modified crops over specialized for specific regions, we’re going to run out of food eventually. The planet can only sustain so many people for so long so we have to eventually look to the future. Local foods are great, but expensive and hard to come by for many people. Soylent is the right track, but lack of regulation is not a benefit to them, it’s going to come back to bite them.

We have to change how we view food. Right now, It’s comfort, not sustenance. It’s celebration, not survival. If that idea changes, then we can look at the future of food.

Tales from Tumblr

Since I haven’t had a blog in a while, I kind of turned my Tumblr, what was supposed to be quick posts and short articles into longer posts tat should have been on a blog space. I’ve decided to link the most recent of them here for your consideration.

Rules for the upcoming gender identity revolution from a non-participant  – In this post, I rant about the confusion that is seemingly infecting today’s youth. I know, I know… makes me sound like an old fogey. I was seeing a ton of videos where young people, teen girls primarily, were angry about being called “woman” or “girl” and all of them want to be “gender neutral”. This post is all about that and my opinion of it.

Which Witch – I took a quiz online and it got me thinking. This is a post all about the history of the word “witch”; Kind of a Halloween special. If you like etymology and have ever wondered the difference between the a warlock and a witch… this article is for you.

Gun control – I am a gun owner and I have heard so much recently about gun control, I decided to pay attention to politics. They’re not really saying much about gun law reform or gun control. I decided to weigh in with my idea of a weigh to fix some of the issues facing gun owners and advocates.

Cockroaches and Masks – After actually starting to pay attention to the political situation, I found, like most Americans have this election, that there are NO GOOD OPTIONS. I’ve always said it, but now I’m unhappy about it. The differences between the candidates are neglegable. Our friend Jacob put it this way last night on Facebook – “Who you wanna be president: lady Richard Nixon or Joffrey Baratheon?” which was perfect. It’s not about their policies, but their image. This article is my take on that.

Hello world… Again.

I have had a blog off and on for quite some time and each time I loose track of what it is the blog is for, what direction it should take. I’ve decided the lack of direction IS the direction. I tend to be struck from time to time by odd subjects and might jump from video games to gardening to politics with no connecting thread. A thread is not the point and doesn’t exemplify what it is I am or how I think. Therefore… here is this; A blog for all the randomness that is my brain. I might go off on tangents with several related blogs, I might not post for quite a while and then pop back up with something that has nothing to do with anything. I’ll link my youtube videos here and maybe some photography too, a doodle from time to time and anything else creative that I might do. It’s a catch all… the way life should be.

All that being said, I leave you with this final thought. Welcome back and enjoy the ride.