School shooting – Why now? How to defend your kids.

We have had, as of February 1, Six school shootings in the US. One of these was a man shooting at a bus with a pellet gun and there were no injuries so I’m going to drop that one from the list. We’re down 5. Still, that’s Five too many.

January 20 – Wake Forest University – A student was shot on campus

January 22 – Italy, Texas – 16 year old student shot at a 15 year old class mate at Italy High. He left right after he took his shots and the student he fired at was injured.

January 22 – New Orleans, Louisiana – One killed at Charter High School as someone targeted the school from the parking lot while students were at lunch. On student was killed.

January 23 – Marshall County, Kentucky – One student shot 16 people at Marshall County High and injured 4 others. Two of those shot were killed. Another died later at the hospital.

February 1 – West Lake, California – Two teens were shot in their classroom at Salvador Middle School and both survived. A young female student was the shooter.

The sad part is, school shootings aren’t even jarring any more. Why is it happening? Well, let’s think about what would motivate anyone to shoot anyone else. The most recent was a young woman shooting another girl and a young guy. It reeks of a love triangle. Look at columbine. The two guys there were picked on their whole school carrier, were odd outsiders who couldn’t keep in their frustration and shot the place up. If you think, “We didn’t used to have these problems” you’re right. In the 40’s, we had 8 for the entire decade. For the 50’s, we had 15. In the 60’s, we had 19. We had 29 in the 70’s. We had 43 in the 80’s…. Are you seeing a pattern?

Part of it is that there are just more schools, more kids, and more people in general. Another is parenting practices. We used to teach our kids to either fight back or bottle up. Parent’s do their children a disservice teaching them “It’s ok to feel” or “tears are fine.” People, kids included, are weaponry and we get loaded by the world around us. When the chamber is cocked, we go off and what going off means depends on what your safety is… what your coping mechanisms are. We need to be teaching our kids creative outlets or put them in a sport that lets the aggression out or we need to shorten their fuses and let them knock the hell out of their bully.

Bullying is too often tolerated and more than that, exacerbated by the parenting of the bully. If you find out your kid is a bully, knock the hell out of him get him some help. Be a parent and teach that little ass he shouldn’t be bullying other kids. AND DON”T BULLY YOUR KIDS! Bullies raise bullies.

No one can fix this over night and in the mean time, how do you protect your child? Every back pack these days has a pocket inside for a laptop or a hydration bladder. How about sticking a light armor plate like the DFNDR Level IIIA (3A) Backpack Armor in there and drilling your kid to get behind their back pack when something goes down. You have to TRAIN you kid. Humans are terrified creatures hearkening back to our primate ancestors flitting from tree to tree avoiding the gaping maws on the ground. We tend to freak at the first sign of trouble. Get it into your kid’s muscle memory to duck and cover when an active shooter situation happens and they’ll do it automatically. Start early and drill often.

Me? I’m avoiding the whole situation by not bringing a kid into this messed up world to start with.

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