Order Animalia

A friend posed a thought on Facebook about religion and how some judge others for their beliefs and how that just makes no sense. Here are my thoughts.

People are animals…. I am not being derogatory here. I mean that literally. Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Mamalia, Order Primate, etc. etc. this is also not to say humanity is not special as we developed or were gifted intellectual properties not seen heretofore on the planet up to now. As animals, however, we are heir to certain problems.

Animals are subject to fear based prejudices instinctively. It keeps the apes with the apes, the ants with the ants, and whales with the whales. This doesn’t mean a lion can’t befriend a field mouse, but it does mean they probably won’t mate and the mouse might, out of good sense (from an evolutionary standpoint) might steer clear. Humans, having that big old intellect, tend to name things and define them and over process them until instinct becomes emotion and fear becomes hate. It degenerates into “Your belief is different than mine.” or “Your skin is the wrong color.”

When you take instinct and twist it with emotion, you start to see things. The afore mentioned Lion will protect his patch of Savannah because he needs his genes out there. We don’t anymore as we are now technologically apex predators over populating and eating our way out of house and home but, since we’re animals, we still feel that drive. We call it love or lust or we put rules about it in books making sure we pursue the drive to distance ourselves from the animals we really are. “Be fruitful and multiply” my ass. It was an excuse to mate in a time we needed to be mating to ensure our success but because we get all weird about stuff with our big brains, we had to make it a divine directive. We had to make it ok. We had to justify instinct. That’s a problem other animals don’t have.

Once the “dominant class” (ie those in power) amongst us documented all these rules, regulations, justifications, and subjugations for their benefits into these laws and said, at first, the laws were given by the ancestors, then by the spirits of the earth, then by gods, then by God and all the while, they did it without malice. See, that’s animal instinct too. You have to, as an animal, ensure you are on top. The problem, again, is that big ol’ brain working over time to drive wedges, to label and control, to compartmentalize not only society and how we react to each other, but to maintain an order that will keep the species going. That may be counter intuitive given the number of religious and ideological conflicts that have come close to wiping us out, but humanity is like a fever…. we burn hot and quick.

The point is, no one is right. We’re all just a bunch of Order Animalia, Class Mamalia, Genus Homo, Species Sapiens who think too much, like to feel good, hate to exert ourselves too much unless it gets us where we want to be to feel more good things and all the while our brains dictate how we see the order of the universe. We’re seeing that order through meat colored glasses and until we shed the physical, utilize our free will and really search without bias, live the way we want the world to be and stop trying to make it how we want it, we;re going to continue to bicker about thees and thous, and who is right and who is wrong. Spoiler alert… we’re all wrong. I mean no disrespect to any religion, faith, or path one might choose to walk.

Be the lion with the mouse. Accept each other instead of eating each other and we will find peace.

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