Mob Mentality & Twitter

I watched a Ted Talk the other day about online shaming and twitter. It was about the power of social media and how it simultaneously empowers and disconnects. The story was about a woman who’s life was decimated after an insensitive comment she made about her trip to Africa. It was a terrible comment. It destroyed her life while she was in the air and she didn’t know she’d lost everything until she landed.

We attack and attack and attack on social media. Our opinions are the most important thing in the world and we feel that everyone should benefit from our experience and points of view. We poke and prod each and we say terrible things to anyone who will listen. What I don’t get is how some people loose their jobs over things they say and others don’t.

Trump says terrible things about people but it has cost him nothing. It’s about embarrassment. The woman described in the Ted talk lost her job because her company was mortified. Most politicians lose suppot when they say something horrible. It’s the whole “Open foot, insert mouth” thing. That doesn’t seem to touch Trump. I don’t get it and I really want to know how he gets away with it.

Twitter has been a force for change. It’s been a voice when people were otherwise cut off. It has been a wall holding back governmental oppression, and it’s been an angry mob that has forced racist organizations to back off the downtrodden. Is it right, though? Mob rule is never a really great idea but we’re looking to it now to find solace in a terrible decision we’ve made as a Country.

We need to look at the root cause that this thing has happened and, instead of complaining about it on social media, we need to act. By Act I don’t mean riot…. that’s just as if not more stupid. We need to be a cohesive voice without being a mob and that’s a hard line to walk.

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