It’s okay to be okay.

I am convinced that much of the unhappiness in the world is because other people want to be happy and shame those not quite as happy into being miserable. It’s Okay to be Okay. If you’re content, don’t let anyone else try to make you miserable by being sure that you’re miserable. That’s their hang up, not yours.

Many times in my life I’ve been content and minding my own business and “friends” at the time were convinced I must have been lonely or that I had to be miserable with my job or my home or my lack of pets (didn’t have any then), and all of this while telling me how miserable or conversely, how ecstatic they were with their lives. If people are happy, they want you to be too because, in their eyes, you’re not a person; you’re just an extension of their reality and int independent.

Moreover, people are not content to be content. It’s alright not to be thrilled to be alive or too depressed to walk. The middle is a great place to be. I see too many examples in pop culture of people on one extreme or the other and it’s generating unreal expectations. If you know someone who is content, be alright with their contentment. If you think they might be miserable, maybe you are and just can’t accept it.

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