Chickens and Shrooms

Chickens are bad ass. They taste delicious, but that’s not the only reason. I recently watched a Top Tenz video on You Tube (Simon Whistler, do you ever sleep?) and the topic was the noble chicken. Among the factoids were some things I found interesting… terrifying…. interifying.

First off, chickens are vicious. I mean, I knew that already having done some research into chicken farming. I know, “Why?” right?. Anyway, chickens were originally bread for their viciousness, not their taste. That came later. There are stories about ancient man using chickens as combatant examples. A Spartan general even pumped up his men with a cock fight showing how a chicken fights to win. I don’t condone making one animal fight another animal for sport. They just tend to attack anything covered in blood. I’m not kidding.

Next up, A chicken can change lay an egg inside another egg. It’s called an xzibit and it’s a larger egg containing a fully formed egg inside. There can be another inside of that one. Eggception. It is a much larger egg so I can only feel sorry for the chicken who lays it.

Finally, the devil is afraid of a rooster’s crow. Yep, the chicken can scare off evil with a shriek according to history. Not mentioned in the video, they can also ward off Basilisks and turn them to stone. I wonder why they left that out… it’s a pretty awesome chicken fact.

This was a great video and it gives me a little more respect for Chickens as an animal. I’m still going to eat these little bad asses, but respect. Also, I’m going to hypnotize one the next time I see one.

Finally, on a non-chicken-related note, my wife and I went to a mushroom talk and nature walk at Walter B Jacobs nature park yesterday and I took some video. Enjoy.

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