A case for taxes

I am tired of people bitching about taxes. I get it, I really do. You don’t want to work hard for money that you don’t get to spend on food, clothes, a roof or toys but there is more to existence than those things. You know, like roads to get to work or to go to the store to buy your toys or like plumbing and sewers to take away the waste from your food. Like sanitation to remove the garbage left behind by these things. Etc. Etc.

I read a Facebook post that was complaining about taxes that pay for mosquito control among other things. We NEED mosquito control in Louisiana! The primary argument is that the politicians are stealing the funds payed into taxes…. then DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE POLITICIANS! Don’t harsh the taxes that are pretty low when spread out over the population and that actually benefit us.

Here’s how this works for people who still don’t get it:

You have a group of people who form a town. That town needs roads, schools, and basic infrastructure. If everyone puts in a little bit, then we can pay for all of those things. We need a smaller group within that group of people to make sure the money is being spent wisely and is allocated in order of importance so we elect the trustworthy among us to manage things. There’s the flaw. Deal with that flaw and stop complaining about having to pay a tax that will do you some good.

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