Pi not on a plate

I have been following the progress made on the Raspberry Pi for a while now and it’s reached a level of capability that I find very intriguing. Built in wifi opens up a lot of doors on the Raspberry Pi 3 as well as the built in blue tooth capabilities so you don’t waste a usb slot on a blue tooth dongle is pretty big. II initially thought about getting a 1 as a take-along desktop option since I travel almost constantly, but it wasn’t full featured enough. The 3 has a quad core processor, able to run ARM versions of Linux at speed. I now have something that is pretty serviceable! I mean, it won’t play Minecraft, or most other video games, but it’s a really nice start.

I say it won’t play most other video games, but that’s a little misleading. For instance, here’s Lindsay last night playing the old Nintendo classic “Jaws” on RetroPie, one of the three OSes I’ve installed. Aside from this, I’m running Ubuntu Mate and a Kodi variant called Open Elec making this a fully portable and functional home entertainment computer. Wow…. all that four a base of 35 plus a few bucks for a case and an SD card I already had.

Is it for everyone? No. Not by a long shot. It’s fun to play with and Berryboot,a boot loder / installer, made installing the OSes very easy…. unlike another I tried called Multiboot Pi. I loaded Berryboot, plugged in the card, and installed the first OS, Ubunt Mate, then added the others as I wanted them. Adding Games was easy-ish too. This is not a hardcore gaming rig and it’s not a video production machine, two of my on again off again pursuits. As a purely for entertainment toy or as a word processor / email getter/web surfer…. Absolutely.

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