The Serial Hobbiest

I am a serial hobbiest. I pick something up and learn what I can about it and that usually results in tools and equipment that just kind of litters up the place. Don’t get me wrong. I usually convert the skills I learn into something else. My most recent foray into a new hobby was Mead making. The wife loves the mead I make so I’ll keep doing it, but there isn’t much to it and if she didn’t like the mead or if she couldn’t drink it for some reason, I wouldn’t probably do it. I have been into music, I’ve been into sculpting, I’ve been into role playing games, etc into infinity and all the while I pick up skills or knowledge that comes in useful in other areas or hobbies.

With the mead hobby kind of slowing, I’ve picked up my next one. FPV Drone Building / Flying. I’ve been interested in Drones for a wile now because of another hobby…. Youtube. I have yearned for the sweeping camera angles that the likes of Casey Neistat get regularly. The issue is money and those things aren’t cheap. The alternative I’ve found is not really an alternative at all. FPV or first person view drones are used primarily for racing and “freestyle” which, while they do make beautiful videos, they’re usually much faster and less sweeping than one might think of drone footage to be.

In addition to learning how to fly the thing, I will also be learning to build them. There are several electrical components that, when put together, form the “stack” or the brain of the drone. I’ve learned quite a lot about flight controllers and power distribution and soldering techniques without actually having the equipment. I have also discovered that I will also need to get a Ham Radio Operator’s license to fly an FPV drone legally as they broadcast a signal in the certain band the FCC requires licensing for. DJI drones and the like use wifi so it’s a different animal. I will also need to be registered with the FAA and pass the FAA part 107 ground pilots test in order to make money from drone footage. It keeps getting better and better.

The future of the hobby aside, I’m still excited to get my controller and play around with a simulator first and then start the build. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Tales from Tumblr

Since I haven’t had a blog in a while, I kind of turned my Tumblr, what was supposed to be quick posts and short articles into longer posts tat should have been on a blog space. I’ve decided to link the most recent of them here for your consideration.

Rules for the upcoming gender identity revolution from a non-participant  – In this post, I rant about the confusion that is seemingly infecting today’s youth. I know, I know… makes me sound like an old fogey. I was seeing a ton of videos where young people, teen girls primarily, were angry about being called “woman” or “girl” and all of them want to be “gender neutral”. This post is all about that and my opinion of it.

Which Witch – I took a quiz online and it got me thinking. This is a post all about the history of the word “witch”; Kind of a Halloween special. If you like etymology and have ever wondered the difference between the a warlock and a witch… this article is for you.

Gun control – I am a gun owner and I have heard so much recently about gun control, I decided to pay attention to politics. They’re not really saying much about gun law reform or gun control. I decided to weigh in with my idea of a weigh to fix some of the issues facing gun owners and advocates.

Cockroaches and Masks – After actually starting to pay attention to the political situation, I found, like most Americans have this election, that there are NO GOOD OPTIONS. I’ve always said it, but now I’m unhappy about it. The differences between the candidates are neglegable. Our friend Jacob put it this way last night on Facebook – “Who you wanna be president: lady Richard Nixon or Joffrey Baratheon?” which was perfect. It’s not about their policies, but their image. This article is my take on that.

Hello world… Again.

I have had a blog off and on for quite some time and each time I loose track of what it is the blog is for, what direction it should take. I’ve decided the lack of direction IS the direction. I tend to be struck from time to time by odd subjects and might jump from video games to gardening to politics with no connecting thread. A thread is not the point and doesn’t exemplify what it is I am or how I think. Therefore… here is this; A blog for all the randomness that is my brain. I might go off on tangents with several related blogs, I might not post for quite a while and then pop back up with something that has nothing to do with anything. I’ll link my youtube videos here and maybe some photography too, a doodle from time to time and anything else creative that I might do. It’s a catch all… the way life should be.

All that being said, I leave you with this final thought. Welcome back and enjoy the ride.