Normalizing media is worse than propaganda

We, as a society, normalize things to an unacceptable point and we demonize the wrong things. For instance, a human being’s natural state is nude, yet we find nudity to be disturbing at the least and abhorrent and down right illegal at worst. Sure, context matters and I personally wouldn’t be wondering around naked, but you get my point. Television shows like Cops highlight and glorify what is wrong with our society. These shows should be cautionary tales, not giggle inducing. Survivor, which I am guilty of watching in past seasons, is all about how the most horrible person gets rewarded for back stabbing their fellow contestants and team mates. That kind of behavior should be punished, not rewarded.

This brings me to the current offering, Rosanne. First and foremost, Rosanne Barr is no saint and I know that. She’s a loud mouthed garbage person who supports another loudmouth garbage person and, while the original run of her television show was entertaining (and I’m sure the new one will be too) it didn’t have a political message. Not everything has to have a message. The original show was just a family, middle class, trying to make ends meet. It’s something I can relate to. The new iteration is going to be used, not as a booming mouth piece, but as a normalizing catalyst for the current administration and our horrible homunculus of a president.

Looking back at the wonderful things Rosanne has said about Hillary (and the terrible things) I think she tends to use political situations to stay in the spot light. Maybe she doesn’t support Trump and this is all an act. She said on Jimmy Kimmel that, “no one wants their president to fail.” and that is or at least it should be true. The day after the election, comforting a wife and friends who were devastated and emotional I said, “Just give him a chance.” I quoted a vlog I was enjoying at the time, “He may be a sack of shit, but at the bottom of that sack there might be something good. We don’t know yet.” and he’s proven that at the bottom of that sack, there is nothing but more shit.

So what’s my point? My point is, shows like this that have an agenda to normalize a man who Is a confirmed racist, sexist, misogynist, and an accused molester and rapist should not be allowed to exist. They serve to do nothing but speed and already rapidly declining society. It’s not about one show. It’s not about Rosanne, it’s about a man in power who craps on the ideals America was founded on, wipes his ass with the constitution and pisses on the people of America and how that’s becoming alright.

Welcome to my mead hall ye warriors!

I am plagued by passing fancies. I have always flitted from interest to interest and never really had what I would consider a hobby. I used to play roleplaying games but that takes more than me. I used to be in the SCA and learned a lot about medieval culture, sewing, archery, etc. but grew away from it. I don’t look at my artistic pursuits as much more than a way to kill time these days and I write so slowly, I don’t think any one of the three novels…. novellas…. short stories… whatever they are…. could be considered a hobby. I’ve tried a lot of different diversions and I throw a good deal of attention into them, learning about things associated with said diversion and even going so far as to achieve some low level of mastery of whatever it is I’m trying to do. I never perfect anything and I usually move on to another interest pretty quickly.

I think the thread that connects them all is in the learning and researching of the thing I’m doing. The problem is, when I’ve researched something to the point I feel like I can do it, I try it and then I loose interest either because it’s not really as interesting to do the activity or it’s isolating in some way and while I’m an introverted homebody who enjoys every second I can get alone…. If I’m enjoying something I want to share it.

This leads me to another hobby I’m developing and one that’s even more odd given the subject of the activity since I’m not a drinker. I’m brewing mead! Years ago my friend Evan and I tried our hand at making wine but it never really went anywhere and I didn’t try again. A long while later I was reminiscing about those days and thought about giving it another try but never got around to it. Well, life being cyclical, here we go again. My first batch is bubbling away filling my office at home with the sweet aroma of yeasted honey. It’s a little like fresh baked bread and sweet honey butter.

I don’t know how it will turn out, but the research has been a lot of fun. I’ve gathered recipes, learned the differences between a show mead, a melopmel, and a methaglen. I have watched some very entertaining videos on the subject and it’s all fascinating. One problem… there won’t be anyone to drink it. I figured out the sugar content for a 12 oz glass and the wife is not interested in such a “sweet” drink. The wines she enjoys are way dryer and lower in carbohydrate and even the beers she will have once in a blue moon are HALF the carbs.

I still plan to feed this brew to our friends if it turns out, but I don’t know how long I can sustain the interest. It will be fun to do while I’m doing it. Suggestions for the next hobby?

If you know what this is, you can try some when it’s done.

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