Ownership rights

I think of firearms as I might a car. It’s a machine that has its uses and mine stays parked a lot more than I’d like it to.

I bought both at dealers. I settled for some features but generally got what I wanted. I enjoy using both.  In a pinch, both can be used as a weapon and you can intentionally or unintentionally kill people with both. An Estimated 38,300 (up 8% from 2014) were killed on U.S. roads in 2015 according to the National Safety council with another 4.4 million injured. According to the CDC, 33,000 people were killed by a firearm in 2014. Only one of these devices requires a license and only one is purpose designed to be a weapon.

My thought is this. If you have to have a drivers license to operate a motor vehicle which is dangerous, why not to operate a firearm? Sure, it’s our constitutional right to bear arms but that doesn’t mean everyone should. It is not your right to own a vehicle, but far more do these days than don’t. An estimated 95% of households in the US own motor vehicles and they’ve “proven” themselves to be competent operators of these machines meeting federal government standards. Wouldn’t it be prudent to make anyone who claims to be responsible enough to operate a firearm prove their competence? All that is required right now is a simple background check and those are not as stringent as they should probably be.

Concealed carry permits require there to be no documented history of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, history of violent behavior, etc. on top of the regular felony free back ground check. I feel the concealed carry class on how to handle a gun along with the background check should be mandatory for owning and operating a fire arm. You could even have learner’s permits issued to kids just like learners permits for cars. Just as with cars, for the student to use a fire arm or have one in his possession, a licensed adult must be present. It’s a no brainer and it doesn’t infringe on an individual’s rights.

I know plenty of people without a car who have a driver’s license, especially in big cities. You can have a license to use one without owning one and in the case of a firearm, I think this would be appropriate as well. The government could tie this in to the state or federal ID process. Imagine the education or social programs that could be funded with a 20 dollar licensing fee every few years or so. If the individual opted for a concealed carry endorsement, there’s another fifty for the state and you know the person is highly and effectively trained.

The second amendment reads as follows: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” In plain English this says that the people, aka you and me, can own a firearm if they plan to defend their State and that a State has the right to form and regulate a Militia force. If you’re agreeing to the right to bear arms by baring arms, then you agree to use those arms to defend your “…free State…” Wouldn’t it make sense for someone who is bearing arms to say, out loud or in writing, that they are willing to be deputized in the event they (and by extension they’re firearm) is required in defense of their state? I don’t know a gun owner who wouldn’t defend their home, family, or the USA if terrorists or other nare-do-wells attacked so what would be the issue with saying they would do a thing they are already willing to do?

I hear the arguments. Government regulations…. Blah blah…. Infringing on my rights…. Blah blah…. Putting their fingers in my pie… blah blah. If you can’t tell, I don’t think much about those arguments when I myself own a gun and am readily willing to be regulated. I am not a criminal. I am not going to run wildly though the streets shooting off my gun. I will not be unsafe with my use of my fire arm and I’d love to have a state issued card saying I’m ready to defend, life, limb, family, and liberty where ever I go. If you’re willing to too, you would have no problem with the firearms owner’s license.

New machine…. time to upgrade?

This post is really more me thinking out loud than it will be informative.

Again and again I am seeing the names in Gaming laptops are Sager, Gigabyte, MSI, Asus, Acer, and Dell’s Alienware. On most forums you’ll see these names over and over again. Which one, though, is the best option for a traveling gamer like me? I will use my rig for MUCH more than games. I’ll be doing some 3d animation from time to time. I might edit an HD video or two. I will hook up a digital pad and paint some. Over all of this, it’s my conduit for communication with the wife. It’s a life line.

The first part of the search is answering the question “what will I use it for?” but that isn’t the end all question. I’ve been rocking along with a 6 year old Dell XPS L701X with a first gen i7 740QM at 1.73 GHz, 8 gigs of DDR3 ram on two chips of 4 each, and an Nvidia GeForce GT 445 3 gig graphics card. Let me tell you, it’s a pain to see specs like these…. I know, not the best but still pretty dang good… fall victim to heat failure. Both of the hard drives (yep, it has two 500 gig hard drives) are cooked to the point of producing errors and the graphics ship is starting to glitch out. It’s always been a warm machine, but over the years it has just gone up and up and up.

The thing has been a tank and traveled from one end of the country to the other. Sure, it’s been a pain lugging around an almost 9 pound laptop and it’s not like I can bust it out in an airport…. o.k…. I have… but it wasn’t easy. The form factor was just what I need in a laptop. The thing of it is, I will be getting way more machine than I have no matter what I get but I want to make sure it’s future proof…. at least as much as this one was; Which leads me back to brands.

Dell as an option again? Well, on one hand, Dell has been a good brand to me and the XPS line still exists but the hardware is stunted. Alienware is their gaming line and while I might not need a gaming computer, much of the gaming hardware lends it’s self to performance. On the other hand, for the hardware, Alienware is just too expensive and I feel like you’re paying for a name. On the other other hand, Inspiron (which was my first Dell laptop) Does have the specs I’m looking for mostly, but the Ram is not as upgradeable as I would like and the graphics card is GTX 940 with 2 gigs of ram…. kind of a downgrade almost; better processor but less ram.

So if not dell, what are my other options. During the course of my research, I’ve notices MSI, Asus ROG line, and Sager pop up again and again. I didn’t know much about Sager and, while I’d heard of MSI before, I didn’t really know anything about them either. Asus I’ve heard of and I have heard good things so I looked there first.

Asus ROG line is paring down at Xotic PC. The one I had configured is no longer available in the configuration I chose. The MSI seems to be more rugged, but the ram configures in odd ways and the max ram I would like to be supported, 64 gigs (for upgrade), is not available on their models in my price range. That kind of leaves me at Sager and Gigabyte as options.

The Sager NP8176 seems, by all accounts, to be a descent machine (linked one not configured). I have not found many reviews but Sager seems to be a respected brand amongst gamers on Toms Hardware. The Gigabyte P57WV7 has some rave reviews at New Egg (linked version not configured yet) and Amazon, but the max supported Ram is 32 gigs and, my wife will not like this, the keyboard does not have the rainbow lights of the Sager. To her, I’m sure that will be enough to decide. I’m leaning more towards the Sager, but the lack of reviews of this specific model (others review well) makes me a little nervous.

In a nut shell, I am one of those people who plans not to have to replace something in two years, but takes care of what they have and will probably upgrade memory, hard drive, and generally baby my machine until it completely falls apart. Which ever one I go with, has to be able to last at least as long as my last one. 6 years isn’t too much to ask, is it?