Chickens and Shrooms

Chickens are bad ass. They taste delicious, but that’s not the only reason. I recently watched a Top Tenz video on You Tube (Simon Whistler, do you ever sleep?) and the topic was the noble chicken. Among the factoids were some things I found interesting… terrifying…. interifying.

First off, chickens are vicious. I mean, I knew that already having done some research into chicken farming. I know, “Why?” right?. Anyway, chickens were originally bread for their viciousness, not their taste. That came later. There are stories about ancient man using chickens as combatant examples. A Spartan general even pumped up his men with a cock fight showing how a chicken fights to win. I don’t condone making one animal fight another animal for sport. They just tend to attack anything covered in blood. I’m not kidding.

Next up, A chicken can change lay an egg inside another egg. It’s called an xzibit and it’s a larger egg containing a fully formed egg inside. There can be another inside of that one. Eggception. It is a much larger egg so I can only feel sorry for the chicken who lays it.

Finally, the devil is afraid of a rooster’s crow. Yep, the chicken can scare off evil with a shriek according to history. Not mentioned in the video, they can also ward off Basilisks and turn them to stone. I wonder why they left that out… it’s a pretty awesome chicken fact.

This was a great video and it gives me a little more respect for Chickens as an animal. I’m still going to eat these little bad asses, but respect. Also, I’m going to hypnotize one the next time I see one.

Finally, on a non-chicken-related note, my wife and I went to a mushroom talk and nature walk at Walter B Jacobs nature park yesterday and I took some video. Enjoy.

Social interest in a concept…. You bet.

“Why is there a social interest in the concept of doing this?” – Hankerin Feranale

The first post of the year…. Welcome to 2017 everyone. I don’t usually do the who “New year new me” thing and this year is not all that different. I decided to start Tai Chi which I’ve done a little bit of before….. on VHS no less. A parting gift from 2016, a twisted knee that might need an MRI, is keeping me from it. While I’ve been recuperating, I’ve been watching some videos on modeling dioramas. Technically, the guy I’ve been watching, Luke Towan at Boulder Creek Railroad, is modeling HO gauge train layouts, but to me… it’s about the diorama.

From there I looked at the different scales. There are several used in model train collecting from the tiny N gauge to to O that’s bigger than, say match box cars and up. I’m developing interest in HO (half O) to S which is more along the lines of table top RPG and table top war games. While looking into that vein of the interest, I found Mel, the Terrain Tutor, who does professional layouts for war games that are spectacular and, perhaps, attainable for me to attempt.

Because of the scale comparisons and the mention of table top RPG (S being close to most of your standard table top minis), my nerd nerve…. Nerdve? … was starting to tingle. I remember the days of table top RPG and a long while back, I started developing my own RPG system. I stumbled across Hankerin Feranale over at Drunkens & Dragons, and Jeremy Pillipow at Black Magic Craft and both of whom use modular foam crafted dungeon systems that are just incredible to look at. If nothing else, I’m going to make some of these tiles just to have them. At any rate, they’ve made me consider finding a random group of people to game with.

Thinking about that, I am reminded that my wife wouldn’t play and she says most of our current friends wouldn’t play, so that leaves me squarely no where…. or in a room full of creepy or perhaps socially awkward strangers. I know, stereotypes. Most RPGs these days are not for beginners anyway. Hell, I’ve been looking up the manuals and most of the games some friends I know who still do play are playing seem like they’re written in a foreign language. My buddy Joe said his current group probably wouldn’t even know what a THACO was much less how to calculate it so maybe the new games aren’t harder, just different.

In the mean time, I have an idea of doing a diorama of a drive in movie theater in S scale with a working movie screen run by a raspberry pi. I’ll let you know if I get any of these things accomplished.